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Vinnie's Home Page

Okay, so I know it's really trite to give each of our cats their own home page, but it does make a nice place to put the pictures!
As far as we can tell, Vinnie's gone to look for Spreckles - at least, that's our hope. He declined to come inside on November 26, 2006, and that's the last anyone saw of him. Losing two cats in the space of a few months has been hard on both Susan and me. It's been a rocky time for us in general, and it would've been nice to just sit for a while with a cat on our laps. But, as with Spreckles, we both wish The Vinster well, wherever he is, and we had a very happy almost-six years together.

The Town Lake Animal Center gave this kitten the name "Vincent," and we saw no need to change it, although he's most commonly known as "Vinnie." We brought him home on Dec 19, 2000; best guesses said he was about 6 mos. old, so we've declared his birthday to be the 4th of July.

On the hutch Oct 2001: Vinnie enjoys lying atop the computer hutch, where he can keep an eye on Susan. Doesn't he look peaceful? (All these nice, peaceful pictures are because it's too hard to photograph him while he's galloping down the hallway)

At the window Here's a one-year anniversary picture of him, after getting a clean bill of health (yay!) and shots (boo!) from the vet.

Kitty at the door We selected him because he looked so sweet, and they said he had "High Bite Inhibition" (meaning, he doesn't bite much). Little did we know that he'd grow out of that... He lives to torment Spreckles!

In repose Taken early May, 2001, this picture shows that there are times when he's neither wild nor childish.

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