Stormy, Wetter / Selections

Suite 25E - Evening Listen!

We open with Part Two ... because, Star Wars. Sitting in your suite, things are quieter than during the day, but not as quiet as the middle of the night.

Wagner Sostenuto Listen!

The Prelude to Lohengrin has ... always been a favorite of mine. This treatment stretches each group of notes, as if it were played on a piano while keeping the Sustain pedal pressed. In all honesty, this was an experiment, and I was surprised and pleased that the results were exactly what I'd hoped.

425nm Listen!

Here, "nm" means "nanometers," and ... that corresponds to a deep blue lightwave - which is nice, because 425 is a Magic Number for me, and this is a bluesy tune (so to speak).

Suite 25E - Day Listen!

Onward to Part One, ... also known as The Prequel. The suite is an active place during the day, with a few more interruptions than you might want, but that's how things work.

BE Listen!

Be Here Now ... - be present. Be mindful and alert. Be everything that you are, and were, and will be, as your life goes on and expands to fill the void. (No, really, I mean it!)

Doorknob Repair Listen!

Some repairs are simple, ... but some take more work, and more time. Susan and I replaced a doorknob with amazing ease and speed; Carolina and I cleansed a room which needed new doorknobs.
Thanks to Susan for the use of her handchimes.

Suite 25E - Overnight Listen!

Now the peaceful Part Three, ... when things slow down, and you can hear Nature come out to dance, and even though it's not stormy, it's still wetter, which makes the toads happy.

Where She Takes You Listen!

An idyllic folk-music evening, ... just a couple of guitars and a drum. Wander with the spirit, and go where she takes you.
Orkney tuning on 6- and 12-strings, 11+13 time.

4-Banger Listen!

Playing with my new toy, ... a multi-effects box, I found that one of the settings plays an explosion on every note. "That's silly," I thought, "Who would ever use that?!" Naturally, I then found a use for it.

Pisces Listen!

Dedicated to two musicians, ... Chris Squire and Tom Zajac. I can't possibly do justice to the skills they brought to this world, but I can help keep alive the memory of the joy they gave to us all.

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