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Win Bent / This Time (What's that he said? Listen for free?)
As you've probably heard, this music is available as a CD, or as individual tracks. Fortunately, unlike some other albums, there's no real distinction; the album is just the collection of tracks. In other genres, that's an obvious thing to say, but in the world of ambient / electronic music, this avoids weird cutoffs or edits which result from overlapping tracks. You'll thank me, later.

Limited Edition hand-crafted CD cases are available. Every word of that is serious: I only made 23 cases (feel free to ask me how I arrived at that number), and I truly made them with my own two hands... and they're available. Later on, I'll have boring non-hand-crafted CDs for sale. Feel free to wait... and miss out on the rarity-item.
— February 2020: The economy version of the CD package is now available! Order one today from Bandcamp, and I promise not to call you "cheap"!

So, what are you waiting for? Just head on over to bandcamp, where you can listen for free (the whole thing, not just samples), and they've got both the CD and the downloadable tracks.

You Probably Didn't Notice: This one isn't a big-time release. You won't find it on Amazon, Google, or iTunes. Not even CD Baby. The flip side is, if you invest in a physical CD, it's a rarity, a collector's item classic.
— October 2021: I finally put the tracks on Amazon and Apple. Hey, look, it's on Spotify, too!

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