This Time / Selections

G.J. Listen!

Oh, great - the first selection on this album, and I actually don't have anything to say about it! Okay, here's a hint: The title and the bass line are related to a doorbell, thus the "ding-dong" at the beginning and end.

Thread Listen!

Recorded "live" - that is, no overdubs or edits. I've heard many performers do wonderful things with loopers, both rhythmically and free-form, so I thought I'd give it a try. So I kept it short.

Inter Alia Listen!

When I was in the throes of creating this track, a worker in the U.S. government was issuing a complaint against... well, look up "whistleblower 2019," and you'll eventually find the legal phrase, "inter alia."

WBDG Listen!

David Gerard crafted The Electronic Consortium, an album of collaborations with various artists. I was (and am) quite happy to be selected, happy with the results, and happy to have my name on such an impressive list of co-creators. "Win Bent / David Gerard" is the music I sent him - I encourage you to go and hear what he did with it.

Heiemo Listen!

"Heiemo og Nykkjen" is an old Norwegian song, probably from the 1500s, your basic tale of a young maiden kidnapped by a water troll, I'm sure you've heard that one a thousand times. My friend Alison Melville played a lovely version of this with Ensemble Polaris, and Susan and I adapted it to the electronics I love.

If I'd Been Listen!

"If I'd been a [blank]" - those are the words to this wordless song, and you're expected to fill in the blank, every time. (You can also try "If I'd been to..." or "If I'd been the..." or whatever.)

Lift Listen!

Space - the final frontier. I'm well aware that a common aspect of my works is an underlying drone, and I'm okay with that, but I thought I'd try something new. This selection has some space, some silent parts. I may never do this again.

New Porch Listen!

Another experiment - I found a program which takes one note, and a description of wind chimes, then blows. Err, that is, it acts as if the wind were blowing on the chimes. Naturally, I had to include my natural chimes.

Luego Abajo Listen!

Did you notice the six-four-ten durations of these tracks? I wanted a variety of lengths; under-four is too short, and over-ten is too long (*ahem* with one exception). This one takes a leisurely time in going up, then down.

B9 Listen!

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony includes a chord held for an amazingly long time - seven measures, with a fermata at the end (for all you music-readers). I took the fermata, and stretched it to fifteen minutes. You're welcome.

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