Wet Weather Creek / Selections

Appetizers Tidbit Morsel Schnibble Soupçon Taste

Not much to say about the various pieces, since they just echo the main courses.

Hello Listen!

My thanks to the various people who gave me encouraging words after I forced them to listen to this one. I hope the rest of the album lives up to your expectations.

Curve Listen!

This was the first selection recorded for this album, and my first big project with Audacity. Thus, there was a fairly steep learning curve, which is a bit obvious in some ways.

Zming Listen!

Susan was quite patient with me while I hunted around for just the right settings for the guitar sounds. Oh, and she let me borrow her dulcimer (again).

Hail Listen!

All keyboards, no guitars or dulcimers or even chimes. However, there's plenty of playing around with tempi, stereolocation, and Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch.

Apogee Listen!

The words don't mean anything. Really. The rhythmic phrase "Harrison Hamilton" just popped into my head - two names from US history - so I started thinking of "H" words, and it all went downhill from there.
– "H" is the letter "after G," which sounds like "Apogee."

Bluster Listen!

The Origin of The Concept: Sitting at home, I was listening to the windchimes, and it occurred to me that I could play along with them.
– The chimes were recorded on a blustery day.

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