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Downloadable music files

New! The listing of early music (mostly recorder) sheet music I have.

The Austin ARS chapter is working on an African-inspired piece by Sören Sieg. Here are recordings of the first movement, one just a stereo mix of all 3 parts and the other including a metronome (click track).

Here are some recordings of the Indiana Early Double Reed Workshop, starting in 2011 and continuing from there.

Here are some recordings from the Compline service at St. David's Episcopal Church, starting in 2006 and continuing through the present.

Here are recordings of the Central Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir; some are recordings of music sung in worship services, and some are rehearsal aids for choir members.

And here's one more file: Win and Susan singing "I Rely on You" words, a song that Win wrote a long time ago.

Spelling lists!:

Frequently used words, section 1
Frequently used words, section 2
Frequently used words, section 3
Frequently used words, section 4
Frequently used words, section 5
Frequently used words, section 6
Moderately frequently used words, section 1
Moderately frequently used words, section 2
Moderately frequently used words, section 3
Moderately frequently used words, section 4
Moderately frequently used words, section 5
Infrequently used words, section 1
Infrequently used words, section 2
Infrequently used words, section 3

Index to "Wildscapes"

An index to the wonderful book Texas Wildscapes: Gardening for Wildlife, by Noreen Damude and Kelly Bender. Excel or PDF format.

My Friend Willyn's Triathlon Victory!

Willyn Wahl participated in the Danskin Triathlon of Austin, Texas on Sunday, June 10, 2007. It was a hot, muggy day, but she got up early, stuck to it, and finished all three parts (swimming, biking and running) in under 3 hours! Here's a picture gallery.

Congratulations, Willyn!! Way to go!

Kitties we have known ...

As of this writing in July, 2007, we have no more kitties in the household. Life in the country outside of Austin takes its toll, what with all the natural denizens of the area trying to make a living. After our third loss inside a year, we decided not to get another cat for a while. But we have wonderful memories of Spreckles, Vinnie and Frieda.

Here's our very cute first kittycat, Spreckles. She disappeared, alas, in the late summer of 2006.

Heavy-lidded calico cat reclining on newspapers

Our second kitty, Vincent (aka Vinnie, "the Vinster") joined our household in the summer of 2000. He was from Town Lake Animal Center.

Brown tabby adolescent kitty with very long tail

And the latest feline member of the family was Frieda. She was certainly a talker!

Tuxedo kitty with Charlie Chaplin mustache, sitting under a chair

Wildflower pictures

From 1997 (first spring in our house).
From 2003.

Backyard pond pictures

April 2003 - the beginning.
Fish, fountains, and a surprise!
May 2003 - things are growing
August 2003 - long hot summer

My Wish List
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