/ Aid and Comfort

Aid and Comfort
- Recorded with The Land Between The Rivers Band in 1991.
- Nicest compliment I've ever received - I sang this for my wife, and she asked, "Who wrote that?"
- Depending on how well I enunciate, that one line could either be "If you hadn't loved, you'd be alive" or "... you'd be a lie." Either way is fine with me.

Aid and Comfort Michael died last Friday, they say that I'll go soon I always followed close to him, just like the sun and moon We haven't looked too pretty for the last few months or so, But I still liked to look at him, he still had that inner glow We didn't point our fingers, however low we declined, We just figured we'd paid the price, somewhere down the line We didn't bother playing games like What If and Might Have Been Michael looked to me for strength, just like I looked to him If you'd settled down and found a girl, you'd be okay If you'd walked the straight and narrow, if you had not been gay If you hadn't loved, -- you'd be alive If loving is the price, then I'll be proud to die When all you've got are memories, you hold on to the past When all you've got are dreams, the nights all seem to go so fast But when you have a love, your bonds are steel, forged and cast, In sickness and in health, you have a richness that will last Copyright 1990 W.H. Bent, Jr.

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