/ Saffron

- The title track, so to speak, of my Millennium Dawning collection.
- I wrote this for a friend's project - he needed a theme song for the prototypical hippie woman. There are all sorts of cynical jokes in the lyrics, but I hope they don't spoil the pretty sound.
- Susan Richter, vocals

Saffron She moves with all nature, Communes with the earth Millennium dawning, New age of rebirth Her herbs reach inside us, And heal from within, Aligning our senses, No war, and no sin Why must there be fighting? What causes this strife? How can we escape this? Who'll show us the light? All pure in the body, The soul and the mind, The hope for the future Of all humankind Copyright 2003 W.H. Bent, Jr.

© Copyright 2006 Win Bent
All rights reserved.