/ Inside You

Inside You
- I showed the lyrics to Susan, and asked her if she knew what it was about. "Lesbians," she answered without hesitation. How'd you know that? "Because I know you." Dang, she's smart... and musical!
- Susan Richter, recorders

Inside You Her man had been away for quite some time, She only wanted someone, to chat and eat with her. A friend from work had said lunch would be fine, And as they ate, the lady slowly uncovered these words: I know that this is true, Sometimes, that women do Discover something hidden deep inside - I think it's inside you Now he was back, they spent long hours together, They laughed and talked and loved, as if he'd never gone. Despite the sun, she sensed the shifting weather, That stirred within, as she recalled the lady's siren song: And now she's watching for a different sight, Listening to hear if she can find that tune again. A voice sings high and clear to her at night, She knows somewhere, that out there is a woman and a friend. Copyright 2003 W.H. Bent, Jr.

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