/ I'm Holding On

I'm Holding On
- In 1990 and '91, I wrote several love-gone-wrong songs (Now, why would I do that?) - Problem and My Heart Lied are the rock and country examples. But this folk-style song is the one that cuts to the chase, the one that was pulled from deep within... I'm so glad that it's not 1991 any more.
- One of my three guitar-playing styles.
- Recorded in 1991 (A bit lo-fi, darn it!)

I'm Holding On I'm holding on, the best I can I'm holding on, I know I should I'm holding on, just as tight as I can, But I'm holding on to water I move, I walk, am I a ghost, Or is it that the ghosts are without? I push, I move, yet who is moved? My arrows miss their mark Asking why is not the same as why bother Asking what is not the same as what if Asking when is not the same as whenever Saying no is not the same as no, never Copyright 1991 W.H. Bent, Jr.

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