/ Stronger

Stronger - for Gay Lynn Tonelli, Esq.
- It's not as obvious from the lyrics as I wanted it to be, but this was written for Gay Lynn's 40th birthday. Do you have a special birthday coming up? Let me know!
- One of my three guitar-playing styles.
- A bit of a show-off song for the bass player.
- The tambourine player had fun.
- Recorded in June, 2006

Stronger They say this is a milestone, but just what does that mean? Just another marker on the highway, The one that you've been rolling down for longer than you've known, The one with all those fascinating byways, The one that makes you stronger, You grow stronger. Driving on for forty years, I guess you couldn't help But to see a crash, and maybe have your own, But you haven't backed off yet, no, you barrel on ahead And it amazes us to see how far you've gone, Growing stronger, You grow stronger. They say that nice guys finish last, but what about fine women, Who've worked so hard to get so close to all that they believe in? We may not drive the car you drive, we may not take your path, But we cry to see you cry, and we just love it when you laugh. The highway took you past me and you swept me off my feet, I followed close behind you for a while, I'm not riding on your tail now, like I was for many weeks, But I still like to see you pass and wave and smile, I see you getting stronger, You grow stronger. Copyright 1991 W.H. Bent, Jr.

© Copyright 2006 Win Bent
All rights reserved.