/ Warmth of a Friend

Warmth of a Friend
- One of many songs I wrote while playing with LBRB, but I never performed it with them, and I never distributed my home recording.
- The vocals were recorded in the morning - woke up, got out of bed, skipped the comb across my head, and went to the studio. You want low, you've got to get me early in the morning.
- Jonathan Bent, guitar
- Recorded in June, 2006

Warmth of a Friend I was tending the bar the other day, I was closing things up and counting my pay, When one of the waitresses came on over to me. She asked if I was going her way, Could she get a ride home? I said okay, I'm always glad to help a friend in need. While we drove, she said her man Jack was away, He wouldn't be back for a couple of days And their other car was in the shop for a day or two, When we got to her place, she asked if I Would like to stay and chat - why, Certainly, I said - well, wouldn't you? She served me herbal tea and said When Jack's away that going to be Was just a little lonesome, a touch of blue. I said, I know just what you mean, There's many times that I have been In need of a little warmth, just like you. I think our thoughts were quite the same, It wasn't anything that needed a name, It's just that we both felt the same way Sharing warmth is easy to do, Especially with someone close to you, And it brings a pleasant end to your day. She said "Well,..." I said, You know, It's getting time for me to go, And there's a flaw in our unspoken plans; It isn't you I'd be thinking of, And she said, Jack's the one I love, But I still think that you're a wonderful man. I think just knowing how we felt Helped a little of her lovesome coldness melt, I know it made me feel warm and new. I went home and crawled in bed with my wife, In the dark I said, In all my life I could never love anyone else like I love you. Copyright 1990 W.H. Bent, Jr.

© Copyright 2006 Win Bent
All rights reserved.