/ Is That A Problem?

Is That A Problem?
- In 1991, I had been doing a lot of "folky" music, so with this one, I decided it was time to rock out, or at least give it a try. The first recording was made on a 4-track tape machine I had then - the best description for that version is "serviceable" (lots of energy, and lots of wrong notes).
- Recorded in 2003, a busy year for Bent Sound Research Studios.
- Yamaha PSR-225GM, drums

Is That A Problem? You say that you want to be friends, I guess I can handle that, Even though what I wanted was a little bit more, I guess I can handle that. What I wanted was for us to go on until the end, but you couldn't handle that. You tell me that you've tried it and you've been burned before, and you just couldn't handle that. Just because I want to hold you all night long, is that a problem? Just because you're the one who makes me feel so strong, is that a problem? Just because I want you, is that a problem? Just because, is that a problem? I always wanted to get close to you, but you couldn't handle that. I always thought we'd make a pretty good pair, but you... You might've thought that you wanted that too, but you... You thought you'd end up loving me and starting to care, and you... You don't want to get lost in me, You don't want to set my soul free, You don't want to be or not to be, You don't want to see what it's doing to me. Copyright 1991 W.H. Bent, Jr.

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