/ My Heart Lied to Me

My Heart Lied to Me
- Written in 1992, when I guess I was listening to too much C+W music. I mean, after all, this was in New Jersey, for cryin' out loud!
- I recorded this (finally!) for this collection, and realized that it was a mere two minutes long, making it a novelty, not a single. I wrote the middle verse in the morning, then recorded the whole danged thing in the afternoon... finished in time for dinner!
- Recorded in June, 2006

My Heart Lied to Me My heart lied to me My heart said you'd be in love with me My heart told me we were meant to be My heard lied to me I saw you and I thought for sure I had the sickness and you were the cure You could heal me with your smile You could make my life worthwhile I thought all that and a whole lot more You know my heard has done this to me before And every time it did, I cried Oh, no, my heart has lied If you were just going out for a spin Why'd you pull over and say Jump In? If you were just out shopping around Why'd you have to visit the shops in my town? I thought that you had come to take me away Maybe that'll happen some other day My heart's not ready to give up on you But my heart don't know what's lies and what's true My friends said, don't be a fool My heart was going wild, my head was staying cool I said, Oh, baby, that's a-what I like You told me to take a hike I'm gonna forget about you just like the rest My heart says no, but my head knows best I'm gonna put my heart to the test And wear a lie detector on my chest Copyright 1992 + 2006 W.H. Bent, Jr.

© Copyright 2006 Win Bent
All rights reserved.