/ Can I Be Your Friend

Can I Be Your Friend - for Henry and Jonathan
- Recorded with The Land Between The Rivers Band in 1991.
- Flying home from a business trip on Father's Day, I listened far too long to the airplane's Randy Travis channel. This is the result.
(Yes, I played the guitar solo - oo-wee!)

  • Al Milewski - Harmony, Guitar
  • Gay Lynn Tonelli - Harmony
  • Vance Archer - Violin (and Convener)
  • Arthur Knapp - Guitar
Can I Be Your Friend The other day I was thinking about you, About the things that you do to make me smile, About the things that you like, the things that you say, The things that I would have to call your style. Can I be your friend for a while? Can I walk along beside you? Can I run when you run, laugh when you laugh, Can I be your friend for a while? Now I know that we're kinda different, And I know that you're kinda young, But that doesn't change a thing, that doesn't mean a thing, And I know that you and I can have some fun. I just wouldn't be the same without you, And I really don't know who I would be, I'd still stumble along, singing all these songs, But I wouldn't smile like when you're here with me. Copyright 1989 W.H. Bent, Jr.

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